Flexible Manufacturing Systems – Thermal Deburring

Our ATL iTem 400/600 is the first Thermal Deburring System of its type in the country. With a chamber measuring 400MM in diameter and 600MM tall, we can deburr a full chamber of parts in five minutes.

We specialize in Hydraulic manifolds, often with hundreds of features. Like most Machining Facilities, we use to rely on our team to remove burrs by hand. In some cases, this imperfect process would take hours, and chances are, need rework.

By utilizing this process, we can get more done with fewer operators, and we never miss a burr. Watch the video to see how it works!

Industries Served:

Defense • Motorcycle • Hydraulic Components • Agriculture • Aerospace • Heavy Equipment


Jefferson, WI Location
211 Collins Road
Jefferson, WI

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Our proprietary software, Total Tool Maintenance TM™ (TTM™), Automation in Manufacturing™ (AIM™), and Scheduling System provide the data and information we need to produce quality parts, on-time.

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Working smarter, not just harder

Our Horizontal Machining Center capacity has been expanded with the addition of a Mazak Palletech Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS). One of the largest in the country, our system offers 6 500MM Horizontal Machining Centers, 120 pallets, and 348 tools per machine. We can now produce any mix of complex parts with zero setup.

We Are...

  • Our teams have the resources to meet customer needs.
  • FMS automation reduces setups and maximizes utilization.
  • Thermal deburring processes for 100% burr free product.
  • Coordinate measuring machines and a fully networked facility help teams quickly gather relevant, accurate information

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