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Basin Precision Machining, formerly Anderson Machining Service, is a Precision CNC Contract Machine Shop, specializing in machined components and assemblies, run on a lean, just-in-time basis. Here are a few of the services we provide…

CNC Machined


Precision Parts & Assemblies

* ISO 9001-2015 Certified
Part sizes up to:
* HMCs 24″ Cubed, with 4 & 5 axis
* VMCs 16″ x 20″ x 48″
* Turning 13″dia. x 22″ long
Experienced in most:
* Ferrous, Non-ferrous metals
* Machinable composites
Part Weight:
* Just Ounces, Up to 300 lbs
* 1 offs & Blanket orders
* Continuous Production



Basin is dedicated to driving as much cost out of our part processes as possible. We provide input when unintended costs are identified.

* Single piece flow
* Process Control Plans
* Documented Prototypes
* Part holding fixtures
* Modern productive tooling
* In-Process inspection
* CMM verifications


Supply Chain


For features not performed within our facilities a proven supply chain is employed. Basin’s most common sub-contracted suppliers are for:

* Materials and Supplies
* Forgings and Castings
* Heat Treat and Coatings
* Materials transfer

Careful vetting, controls and Accurate scheduling support Basin’s very successful JIT delivery & history.



We will respond to your quote request within 24 Hours.

Our Mantra is:

* Need accurate Prices
* Quick Quotes
* A Rapid Launch

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How people work together.
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Quality & Experience

We are confident in our ability to provide a product that will meet or exceed your precision requirements. Our dedicated, quality focused Workforce, supported by Basin Systems, take pride in their ability to manage a production process with proven reliability. Process FMEA and full PPAP submission are available to fit your internal process.


  1. All
  2. 1 - Ferrous Materials
  3. 2 - Non-Ferrous Materials
  4. 3 - Bar Stock & Billet
  5. 4 - Forging & Casting


Meet the Team

The Number 1 focus of Basin Precision Machining’s continuous improvement activities is an effort to ensure that we are providing the service our customers want. Working as a team we have taken many steps to create a highly responsive, problem solving culture that offers consistent and dependable integrity in product and customer service.


Erik Anderson President

Tracy Jones Logistics

Noel Dubey Engineering


Key Customer Accomplishments

Building strong, lasting customer partnerships is in our DNA! We have been meeting the needs of high profile industrial OEM manufacturers since 1980, providing uncompromising quality in close tolerance parts, pricing and delivery. Here are a few examples…



Innovation & Equipment


Basin’s Management is an enthusiastic proponent and practitioner of lean manufacturing and the driving force behind the Company’s implementation of Single Piece Flow, Value Stream Mapping, and Cellular Manufacturing.

Our Production Processes use the latest proven technologies in CNC machine tools, inspection equipment, cutting tools and communications to eliminate waste, control variation and create a product of reliable quality.

Our Equipment includes…


  • 26 Horizontal Machining Centers
  • 7 Vertical Machining Centers
  • 23 CNC Turning Centers
  • 4 Coordinate Measuring Machines
  • 2 CNC Gear Hobs
  • 2 Vertical Broaching Machines
  • Additional Capabilities


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